Our hero soldiers

What’s new with us? We are going to tell you!
We are organizing the journey to Moscow for our wounded soldiers, for those who need examination, surgeries, modern prosthesis, which will help our boys come back to their usual peaceful life.

Let us speak about 3 more heroes.
Two heroes arrive to Moscow on October 20th.
#Albert (we supported him in Armenia, but right now he is expecting another treatment stage).
#Temur was in Moscow, currently he is going through permanent prosthesis fixation.
#Vahan is expecting surgery this Thursday.

It is hard to say right now what sum is necessary to cover all the costs. They include return tickets, hospitals’ examination. For some it will be hard to provide the support 😞 but others will undergo surgery and prosthesis fixation after all the tests.

People kind and fair are everywhere, it is truly so! A lot of work is done voluntarily thank to our doctors.

That is why we ask you for help, again and again, Viva Djan!!! Every ruble you donate contributes to the boys’ health!!!! Help us help others!!!

Some days ago, #Vagram went to Armenia, he has been coming to Moscow to conduct final tests, we purchase medicine, arrange appointments in different hospitals.

Thanks to everyone who shares our values and believes that support and help should be systematic.

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Номер карты Сбербанк
4276 3801 1855 3945
(Оганесян Татьяна Сергеевна)


Номер счета: 40807810838000000093
БИК: 044525225
Кор. счет: 30101810400000000225
ИНН: 9909484820
КПП: 773687001
Адрес: Республика Армения, г Ереван, ул. Комитаса 23/3, кв. 48

«ՎԻՎԱ» Բարեգործական Հասարակական կազմակերպություն (ՀԿ)

1570027010410100 AMD
1570027010410101 USD
1570027010410146 EURO
1570027010410158 RUB

«Ամերիաբանկ» ՖԲԸ
ՁԿԴ: 50516545: 50516545
ՀՎՀՀ: 00167517a
Հասցե: Կոմիտասի պ., շ. 23/3, բն. 48, ք. Երևան 0012, Հայաստան. Երևան 0012, Հայաստան

#Idram 743002639 (открыт на фонд ВИВА)


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