Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia

Today is the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia! 30 years ago, our fathers and mothers committed to create a sovereign state. Despite serious challenges, they managed to lay the foundation for an independent country. Today, Armenia faces challenges in the security, economy, medicine, education, Artsakh’s status.
Yes, we are far from European standards. Yes, after the recent war we have even more challenges. But building a state is a difficult and continuous process, and mistakes, failures and defeats are part of it. Even after the most painful fall, we need to get up and continue our way.
This requires our common will to live and create for the prosperity of our own country.
Regardless of our political views and differences, no matter where we live – in Yerevan, a border village or in the Diaspora, – we must all join our efforts and work every single day for the good of our Motherland. After all, we have no one but ourselves.
This is the principle that the VIVA Foundation and all our wonderful doctors, volunteers, donors and simply sympathizers are guided by. We will not give up! We will work for free Armenia! We will not betray the memory of the heroes who laid down their heads in the name of Armenia’s independence.

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