Anahit Andreasyan

Commercial director at a manufacturing company

Studied Accounting and Economic Analysis at the Academy of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation.

The most important human quality is dignity. It is directly proportional to the virtue you see in others.

I do not like to be in the spotlight. I prefer to do my job quietly, but the result of my work must be impeccable and tangible.

Love is unlimited trust and your most natural state. Happiness is always there, although often we do not notice it. The quintessence of my happiness is my child.

I strongly believe in the power and energy of our emotions. The birth of my kid is the result of the immense power of my love thrown into the cosmos. The power of my hope is so great that sometimes I think I am all-powerful. Like a wizard, I can make any of my wishes come true, if only I really want it very much.

Logic is very important for me. All my actions and thoughts obey to logic. Many people think in other categories – images, impulses, intuition. This is not for me. I try to build the logic of their actions for myself to understand them. The funniest thing is that my husband is one of these people.

I am for parity and justice. But sometimes life puts us in such absurd situations where we have to choose between these two concepts. This is the hardest choice for me.

Armenia is my all! I live and breathe with Armenia though I have lived abroad for the last 24 years. I can’t be fully happy unless Armenia is prospering.

Charity is not a way of life or a whim. Charity is just a small effort to restore the damaged divine world order. Our world is not perfect. And the reason of this is the humans. We cannot stay indifferent.

When engaged in charity, you feel your powerlessness the sharpest. The hardest thing is having to make a choice when you have limited resources. The thought – “Have I done the right choice?”- is always torturing you. And there is no answer to it.

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