VIVA is about life!

VIVA was founded on April 7, 2016 in the result of the four-day war in the Artsakh Republic. Already on the fourth day of the war VIVA was delivering medical supplies and equipment, including ambulances, to Artsakh.

Our main mission is to provide hospitals in Armenia and Artsakh with the necessary medical equipment and supplies. The Fund was registered as a non-profit organization in Armenia in 2017. Transparency and openness are the fundamental principles of VIVA.

By 2018 VIVA had provided aid in the amount of 7, 973, 690.70 rubles. Medical equipment and supplies in the amount of 3,000,000 rubles had been donated to the Fund.

Areas of activity

Medical programs

Our first priority is medicine – enhancing the quality and accessibility of the medical care by:
  • Improving hospitals equipment.
  • Providing free consultations and operations.
  • Fundraising for sick children and adults from socially disadvantaged groups.
  • Internships for Armenian doctors in Russia.
  • Bank of donor bone marrow of Armenians.

Educational programs

In 2018 six doctors from Armenia completed internships in medical institutions in Russia. On a regular basis we provide the State Medical Library with up-to-date literature.

Social programs

20 % of the Fund’s activity are social projects such as:
  • Projects aimed at helping people to get self-employed – “Farmyard”, “Blagochai”, “Raspberry”.
  • New Year Events – “A letter to Santa Claus”, “Christmas basket”.
  • Clothes distribution to socially disadvantaged families twice a year.

VIVA Team are doctors and volunteers contributing to the great cause – assisting Armenia!

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