VIVA Doctors Chronicles in Armenia

Dear friends,

Our super doctors:

  1. Nastya Volkova – Intensivist
  2. David Sakhanovsky – Intensivist
  3. Zinaida Marutyan – Intensivist
  4. Gayane Melik-Ohanjanyan – Health Care Manager, Group Leader
  5. Dmitry Duikin – Pulmonologist

For almost a weak already they have been working in the following hospitals:

  • Medical Center “Astkhik”
  • The Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • “Izmirlian” Hospital

* In the first photo is Zinaida Marutyan in The MIA Hospital
* Duikin Dmitry Vladimirovich, the MIA Hospital with the local intensivist Shushanik Vanushevna Karapetyan (infectionist)
* Duikin Dmitry with the “Izmirlian” hospital Covid therapist
* Anastasia Volkova in the “Astkhik” MC
* David Sakhnovsky in Artashat

Wishing strengths and patience to our doctors and health to everyone!

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