Training of a prosthetist in Germany

Training of a prosthetist in Germany

Everyone wants to help our heroes to receive their prosthesis, but don’t know how to do it.

To have a prosthesis fixed two components are required, which are a professional center with advanced materials (Ottobock is the world’s leading company nowadays) and the hands and qualifications of the specialist who will fix the prosthesis.
Prosthesis is not a shoe!
It cannot just be bought in a shop. It is tailored individually.
Several specialists are engaged in the treatment cycle, who then help with Rehabilitation, including teaching to walk in the right way and etc.

Such a Center does exist in Armenia and it’s the Zinvori Tun (Soldier’s Home)! In March 2021, the Armenian community from the Netherlands established a modern Center with the most advanced materials and equipment.
A specialist is required for this very Center!

A volunteer from the Netherlands and a specialist from Armenia were working in the Center till now.
Training of a prosthetist in Germany costs 44.500 EUR a year. We will send a young and promising specialist to study; this will be our investment into the future.

To raise money to educate one specialist is better than to keep on inviting specialist to Armenia or taking our wounded soldiers to other countries!

* The doctor who will be sent to receive the training will sign a contract with us on not leaving Armenia within the coming 10 years.

₽4000000 RUB raised
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