Tonoyan Lilianna

Tonoyan Lilianna

Diagnosis – Cystic fibrosis, mixed form

Lilianna had the first signs of the disease when she was just 6 months old. It is a rare, chronic, and very serious disease.

In February the child’s condition worsened. Now Lilianna is in the children’s department of the Muratsan hospital in Yerevan. Her medical condition is severe.

The family has three children. Lilianna’s mother is a kindergarten teacher; her father is a caretaker. The family cannot afford the treatment; they need our support.

We purchased an oxygen concentrator as the child needs oxygen support – her lungs are filled with phlegm.

Oxygen concentrator – 64,000 rubles

Medicines for two months (Tobramycin for inhalation) – 10,800 rubles

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