We would like to introduce to you our ward Angelina. Here is what her mother writes:

“At the end of November 2017, Angelina was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in Yerevan. A few days later we flew to Moscow, where the diagnosis was confirmed. Only in January 2018 was it possible to get intra-arterial chemotherapy (IAC) at the Blokhin Oncological Center, where Angelina took 4 courses. Chemistry is injected through the groin with a catheter and through it directly into the eye. The main tumor was calcified, and the doctors decided to carry out local treatment. So, in May 2018, we began to undergo treatment at the Fedorov MNTK. During two years of treatment at MNTK, Angelina underwent 22 courses of transpupillary diode laser thermotherapy, 5 courses of cryotherapy and 2 courses of brachytherapy. After two and a half years of treatment finally there was some improvement. This is already the second examination – Angelina has no tumor foci. But, unfortunately, there are living cells in the scar of the old tumor, which this time they tried to remove with the help of brachytherapy. Angelina has been administered anesthesia over 50 times.”

Our wards are waiting for our help and support.