VIVA Charity Foundation

Doctors and Volunteers for Armenia

VIVA is about well-being! VIVA is about life!

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Raspberry Yard

Dear friends, Here is our photo report on the “Raspberry Yard” Project. Low-income large families …

Apricot mood

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Tashir Group and Tata Karapetyan for …

Tonoyan Lilianna

Tonoyan Lilianna Diagnosis – Cystic fibrosis, mixed form Lilianna had the first signs of the …

Thanks to all of you on June 21 once again we delivered humanitarian aid to Armenia!    49 doctors from Russia, not only Armenians, but doctors …

Helping our soldier

Albert lived in Russia, but is from Armenia’s Vanadzor city, originally. A brilliant student of …

Narineh Harutyunyan

Narineh Harutyunyan, 32 years old. Diagnosis: Disorders of the spinal cord of the level of …



One of VIVA’s top priorities is the improvement of hospital equipment throughout Armenia and we already have tangible results in this direction.


VIVA’s Education Project includes: Organization of trainings for doctors from Armenia and Equipping with literature medical institutions of Armenia.


Twenty percent of VIVA’s activities are social projects aimed at improving the lives of socially disadvantaged large families. The projects “Farmyard”, “Thyme”, “Raspberry” provide with self-employment not only large families, but also students and retirees.

VIVA Charity Foundation.
Doctors and Volunteers for Armenia

VIVA is about well-being! VIVA is about life!

VIVA was founded on April 7, 2016, after the four-day war in Artsakh. Already on the fourth day of the war, VIVA was delivering medical supplies, equipment, and ambulances to Artsakh.

Our main mission is to provide hospitals in Armenia and Artsakh with the necessary medical equipment and supplies. The Fund was registered as a non-profit organization in Armenia in 2017.

By 2018 VIVA had provided aid in the amount of 7, 973, 690.70 rubles. Medical equipment and supplies in the amount of 3,000,000 rubles had been donated to the Fund.

Transparency and openness are the fundamental principles of VIVA. All the reports are published on our facebook page.



Tatiana Oganesyan

Chairman of the VIVA Foundation

Viktor Mikhailov

Associate Professor at Higher School of Economics

Anahit Andreasyan

Commercial director at a manufacturing company

Anoush Markosyan

Head of International Business Development Department at a large retail company




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