Viktor Mikhailov

Associate Professor at Higher School of Economics

The highest values for me are freedom and time – once lost, they cannot be returned.

I am easygoing, but sometimes my jokes can be sharp. I am an idealist and a man of principle, which sometimes can hinder success. Competition is not always the engine of progress – its effect can sometimes obscure and deter real development.

I like to communicate with the youth and I believe that good teachers learn from their students. If you didn’t participate in the change of the regime when you were young, you either had a happy youth or missed out on it.

I strongly believe that humanity deserves better. Our common task it to make the world a better place. Inaction is worse than failed initiatives.

Doing charity is not easy. You shouldn’t expect dividends or gratitude. Unfortunately, some people will think that you are doing it for a reason and not only out of ideological motives. Don’t waste time on proving the opposite – it will just create an additional negative background in the perception of people. Charity must be targeted and professional. You do not need to be rich to do charity – everyone can do it.

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