Narina Grigoryan

If not me, then who?

Studied Commercial Law at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Married, two kids.

I am a lucky person. I was born in a loving family and I believe this helped me grow up into a harmonious person. I try to surround my children with the unconditional love my parents gave me.

My addiction is books. They are the best drugs.

I get on well with people, but prefer to keep some distance. I don’t easily make friends.

Love is what makes you better.

I enjoy hiking, but there has to be a nice hotel nearby- I like comfort. Comfort matters a lot.

Money gives freedom and independence.

I love the sea. I love to swim, to stand on the shore, to breathe the air, no matter if it is raining or the sun is burning. I get strength from the sea.

I don’t think kids should get everything upon the first demand – if you have a cake every day, then the birthday cake is not such a fun.

My husband is a successful cardiac surgeon – he saves lives every day. At some point I thought: “What can I do for others?” This is how I came to charity.

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