Aram Ter-Hakobyan

I was born in Yerevan in 1979, studied Economics and Management at the Moscow State University of Design and Technologies. I am a businessman.

I love life and try to get maximum of it!

I live for today, as you never know what tomorrow will bring. I love spending time with my friends and family.

I value honesty and justice in people.

The 90s forced many people leave their homeland in search of better life. I have lived in Moscow since 1993. I went to school and university here. I studied and worked at the same time. In my heart I have always been with my motherland and always tried to help my friends and relatives whenever possible.

I have always wanted to do something global for Armenia.

After the four-day war of April 2016, with a group of friends we started to intensively help Armenia and Artsakh. Our group of like-minded people, ready to help homeland, continued to grow, and soon the idea of founding VIVA was born.

VIVA is my second family. I cannot imagine my life without VIVA. We all do our best to find time, means and strengths to do something good for our motherland despite our incredibly busy schedule. We all love Armenia and want to see it strong and flourishing.

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