Foundation president

Tatyana Ohanessyan

Board President

David Pogosbekov

I was born in Baku, grew up in Armenia, and fulfilled myself in Russia. I am the commercial director of a big production holding company.

I have been involved in charity for a long time when I joined VIVA in 2019.

Many people around the world are in need of help. Some need a little support to rise to their feet, others – expensive treatments. And there are many people ready to help. Our mission is to connect these people.

Armenia is in my heart. Every time I visit Armenia, I get filled with the amazing energy of this country, of its strong, unbreakable people, of every stone, every building, every bench in the park – and I forget about all my problems.

Armenians say: “Do good and throw it into the water”. This is how I try to live.

I have three kids and surely this is not the limit. I enjoy snowboarding, diving, running and reading. My dream is to conquer Ararat!

Board Members